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Pakistan Education and Research Network (PERN) is the National Research & Education Network of Pakistan. PERN provides high speed Internet and Intranet facilities to the research and academic institutes that are connected to it. Currently, hundred and fifty (150) universities/ institutes/ campuses are connected to PERN utilizing 6.25 Gbps Internet bandwidth with Internet bandwidth distribution hovering in between 8 to 200 Mbps. PERN2 is a true end-to-end IP-based research & education network and is an enabler of modern NREN application and services. PERN2 is a state of the art advance network primarily built around Gigabit Metro Ethernet and DWDM based technologies. The PERN2 Metro Ethernet of Peshawar, Islamabad/ Rawalpindi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Quetta, Hyderabad, and Karachi regions are fully operational. PERN reflects a very cost-effective investment in next-generation networking for research and education. PERN2 has been connected to other global Research & Education Networks (RENs) namely Internet2, GEANT2 and TEIN3 through an International Private Leased Circuit.

The PERN2 is focused on understanding national research and education technological requirements and offering services that meet their specific needs. In collaboration with the NRENs, PERN2 continues to develop public sector community focused, multi-domain services aimed at delivering seamless network performance across borders and domains, and to roll these out at national level to institutions, Libraries, R &D Organizations

1. Internet Services (Fastest Access to Information)

High performance optical network and Internet connections

2. Intranet: Virtual Private LAN Service (Secure, Reliable Global Ethernet VPN Full-Mesh Solution)

Services deliver enterprise-class metro and wide area network configurations over a private, secure infrastructure that is separate from the public network

3.National Digital Library

The National Digital Library program provides researchers access to international scholarly literature based on electronic (online) delivery.

4. Video/ VoIP

The PERN National Video Conferencing Service provides PERN connected Institutions with facility of multi Hop Video Conferencing.

5. Local Content Hosting (Cloud Services)

This Private Cloud is based on distributed architecture spanning over two Regional Data Centers of HEC in Karachi and Lahore.

6. Unified Communication

The Private Cloud technology as implemented is primarily aimed at providing Unified Communication solution including email services, office communicator etc.

7. eduroam (Federated WiFi network authentication)

eduroam is a global wireless network access service providing users in the research and education communities with mobility between participating institutions’ wireless infrastructures.

8. PERN Allied Services

Services for Researchers

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